About Password Depot

Since 1998, AceBIT GmbH has been on a mission to create the most secure password management software.

Our award-winning software, meticulously designed by German industry experts, has earned over 20 awards and test wins, solidifying its leadership in password security.

Today, more than 100,000 customers trust Password Depot to keep their most important information safe.

The outstanding password manager
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to deliver the most secure and user-friendly password management software in the market, ensuring the highest level of protection for sensitive data.

  • Our Vision

    To provide innovative and secure software that prioritizes strong digital security, while empowering individuals with control over their own data.

  • Our Values

    Our corporate values shape our corporate culture and show how we deal with each other and with our partners and customers.

    1. Security First

    Our top priority is the security of our customers' data. We strive to provide the most secure password management software on the market.

    2. Continuous Innovation

    We are committed to continuously improving our software and staying at the forefront of password management technology.

    3. Trust and Proximity

    We recognize that the trust of our customers and partners is vital to our success. Therefore, we work closely to maintain and enhance this trust through our actions and services.

    4. We are a Community

    We believe in the strength of collaboration among our employees, customers, and partners. By sharing transparent knowledge, ideas, and feedback, we can continuously improve our password management software and provide the best solutions for our customers.