Add & Edit Auto-complete Sequences

In the dialog box Auto-complete Sequences, you can determine the order in which certain commands are carried out.

To modify auto-complete sequences, click on the menu Edit and then on Auto-complete sequences. A window opens, enabling you to Add new auto-complete sequences and to Edit... or Delete existing sequences.

If you click on Add, you will see a list of all actions that are currently carried out when you use the auto-complete sequence. To generate your own auto-complete, select from the buttons below:

  • USER: Adds a user name.

  • TAB: Jumps to the next input element.

  • PASS: Adds a password.

  • Custom: You can also use your defined custom fields for auto-completion. For more information, consult Add new password.

  • CLEAR: Clears content of target edit box.

  • ENTER: Emulates the key "Enter".

  • SPACE: Emulates the key "Space".

  • Additional: Enables you to add Arrow buttons, e.g., and Delays to your sequence, which helps with filling out dynamic web forms. Simply select Additional > DELAY and set the delay's duration.

Once you have added an action, you will see a short description of it.

  • Move Up/Down: Changes the items' order.
  • Delete: Removes a selected action from the list.
  • Clear All: Deletes the entire sequence you created, allowing you to start over again.

Having created a correct and satisfying sequence, click on the OK button and add your newly created sequence to your list.