Add/Edit entry - Tab Attachments

To add an attachment to your password entry, go to the Attachments tab while adding (EditNew) or editing (EditProperties) a password entry.  

  • Click Add attachment to select the desired file where it is currently located and saved. It will now be added to your list of attachments. On the right-hand side, you see the file's path.
  • Via Delete attachment , you can remove a file from your password entry.
  • Using the button Delete from Disk will delete the file from its original place, but it will still be saved and available in Password Depot.
  • Extract to Disk will save an item wherever you like.
  • The Open with Internal Viewer button will open the current file.

Click on OK to save changes, or on Cancel to close the window without saving changes.

WARNING: Using attachments is not recommended. In connection with the server, attachments have already been deactivated. Instead, please use the new entry type Document.

NOTE: In this dialog box, you may use the virtual keyboard. This function is situated in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog box.