Add/Modify Entries - Conditional Access Tab

All entry types available in Password Depot have the Conditional Access tab. This tab is particularly helpful if multiple users have access to the same server database.

Warning message

Activate this option and enter an individual text in the field below if you would like users to receive a warning when accessing this entry. How this warning is displayed depends on the severity level selected.

Severity level

  • Informational (popup notification): Displays the warning message in a Windows popup notification.
  • Major (modal message box): Accessing the entry opens a new dialog window that contains the warning message. The entry can only be opened by clicking OK.
  • Critical (modal dialog box with the verification text): Accessing the entry opens a new dialog window that contains the warning message and a custom text that users will have to confirm before being able to open the entry. This custom verification text can be entered into the field below.

Limit access to the entry

You can only activate this option when working with Enterprise Server databases. In this case, you can check the option and allow accessing the entry only when connected to Password Depot Enterprise Server.

Click OK to save changes or Cancel to close the window without saving changes.