Add/Modify entry - Tab Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to create your own customised fields for entries, and to define their values.

You can add custom fields to your password entry by going to the Custom Fields tab while adding (EditNew) or editing (EditProperties) a password entry.

Here, you are shown a list of all existing custom fields. The columns of the list are labelled:

  • Name
  • Value

In the lower part of the tab Custom Fields , you will find six buttons for working with customised field:

  • Click Add field to create a new field. To do this, you have to enter a name for the field and the value which the field should have.
  • Click Edit field to change the value or the name of a field.
  • Click Delete field to erase the selected custom field from the list.
  • Use Move Up and Move Down to change the order of your custom fields, e.g. to find certain passwords more quickly on the top bar.
  • If you uncheck the option Mask Values , you will be able to see the unmasked values you entered for each field.

Click on OK to save changes, or on Cancel to close the window without saving changes.

See also: global custom fields

NOTE: In this dialog box, you may use the virtual keyboard. This function is situated in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog box.