Add/Modify entry - Tab Versions

On the Versions tab, you can see how a password has developed and changed in case there was a data loss or you have accidentally overwritten an entry.

Here, you see a list of all changes that have been made for a password.

  • Clicking View Differences will show you all differences between two versions of a password in detail.  
  • Via the Delete button, you can erase an item from the versions list.  
  • Restore will take the password back to the selected state.
  • At Versions, you can decide whether you want to keep a history for the respective password or not. By default, the global settings you set in the options will be applied.

Click on OK to save changes, or on Cancel to close the window without saving changes.

NOTE: In this dialog box, you may use the virtual keyboard. This function is situated in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog box.