Add/Modify Entries - URLs Tab

The URLs tab is available for various entry types. Here, you can link an entry to a URL, which is required for working with the browser add-ons, for instance.

Default URL

Enter the URL of a website or the path of a file that this entry should be used with.

NOTE: The Default URL field cannot contain wildcards (*). To add masks with wildcards, please use the list below.

Associate the entry with following URLs and Templates

Here, you can link the selected entry to other URLs that use the same login credentials. This way, you do not have to create a new entry for each deviating URL.

You can add a new URL by clicking the plus symbol. By clicking the folder symbol with the cross, you can remove a selected URL. The recycle bin icon deletes all URLs from this list.

When adding a new URL, you can enter either exact URLs or masks. In such masks, characters can be replaced with a specific placeholder character. In Password Depot, this character is an asterisk (*) that you can place before or after the URL.

EXAMPLE:* includes both as well as
** includes all possible sites of this domain.

Click OK to save changes or Cancel to close the window without saving changes.

NOTE: The virtual keyboard can be used on this tab. It can be found in the bottom left.