Advanced Options Custom Server

Choose an authentication method

Password Depot supports three different authentication methods for SFTP connections for custom servers:

  • Password: With this method, you directly enter your password to log in to the SFTP server.
  • Public/Private Key: This method uses a public and private key to establish a secure connection. The public key is stored on the SFTP server, while the private key is stored locally on your computer.
  • Both: This option allows the use of both methods, password and public/private key, for authentication.

Choose the method that best meets your requirements.

Specify private key file and password (for Public/Private Key or Both only)

If you choose the Public/Private Key or Both authentication method, you need to provide the following information:

  • Private Key file name: Enter the path and file name of your private key file. This file should be in the .ppk (PuTTY Private Key) format. You can use a tool like PuTTYgen to generate and convert such keys.
  • Private key password: If your private key file is password-protected, enter the password here.