Advanced Password Generator

With the Advanced Password Generator, you can generate a random password and define exactly which characters it contains. In addition, you can save these settings as a template and use them for any other password which you later create with this password generator.

You can use the Advanced Password Generator when you add or modify a password entry. In the dialog window for adding or modifying an entry, click on the small gear wheel symbol (usually on the right-hand side), labelled Generate. A dialog window will open, in which you then switch to the tab Advanced.


First of all, select a Template from the list:

Password settings

Here, you can define the characters the password should consist of:

NOTE: Because UTF-8 is too extensive (64.000 characters), only the first 256 ASCII characters are supported.


In this section, the password will be created and the quality assessed.

Once you have created a password, click on OK (alternatively, click on Cancel to leave without saving). The newly generated password will then automatically be added to the Password field of your new or edited password entry.