You can set Password Depot to automatically fill in web forms for you - with your user name, password and any other log-in data. To do so, there are two options:

  1. the Auto-complete function (lightning symbol in the top bar)

  2. the browser add-ons.

Differences between Auto-complete Methods


Browser Add-ons

Accessed in the program itself (lightning symbol in the top bar)

Separate module; accessed via browser

Launched manually by user

Launched automatically

Process: User clicks on lightning symbol (top bar); software fills in the log-in data that is saved for the password entry selected from the list

Process: User opens URL; add-on compares opened URL with URLs saved in the database; if it finds a corresponding URL, it fills in the log-in data linked to this URL

Condition: There is an auto-complete sequence saved for the password entry in question

Condition: The opened website is not ignored by the add-ons


Below, the auto-complete function will be explained. 

"Auto-complete" Function

To fill in a Web form automatically, perform the following steps:

  1. Switch the program into the top bar mode.

  2. Select a password from the list.

  3. Click the Auto-complete Form button (lightning symbol).

  4. A window opens at the top right, informing you about the next steps and indicating that the program is now in the auto-complete mode.

  5. Click the first field of the log-in you want to fill out. Now Password Depot automatically completes the fields of the window.

  6. If you would like to cancel the auto-complete action, click on Cancel auto-complete mode in the window that had opened upon your click on the flash symbol.

NOTE: The order in which data relating to a password is automatically entered can be set in the Auto-complete sequences dialog box.


NOTE: The auto-complete function is only active and usable if a password has been selected from the database - and an auto-complete sequence set for it.