Auto-complete Sequences

An auto-complete sequence is the order in which the fields of a Web page will be filled in with your user name, password and other commands (like TAB and ENTER). You can find out the right auto-complete sequence for a password by visiting its URL address and looking for the completion order of user name and password.

The Auto-complete sequences function can be accessed in two ways:

  • via Edit > Auto-complete sequences (Ctrl+Q)
  • in the dialog boxes Password (Add Entry) and Properties (Modify Entry), in both cases on the Additional tab.

The Auto-complete sequences window includes the default auto-complete sequence of Password Depot. You can add new sequences and remove or review your old sequences.

  • Add: Creates a new sequence.
  • Edit...: Modifies the selected sequence.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected sequence if you no longer need it.
  • Clear all: Removes all custom sequences from your list, leaving only the default sequence.

EXAMPLE: You would like Password Depot to fill in automatically a web form that consists of two web pages. For instance, on the first web page, you enter your client number, on the second page, you enter your user name and password.

In this case, you would do the following:

  • Create a custom field for the client number which you call e.g. "Client Number."
  • Create a corresponding auto-complete sequence. To do so, imagine the steps the program has to take:
  • First, the software enters the client number (<Client Number>),

  • then it 'jumps' to the enter button (<TAB>),

  • it presses this button (<ENTER>);

  • on the second web page, the program enters the user name (<USER>),

  • it 'jumps' to the next entry field (<TAB>),

  • enters the password (<PASS>),

  • finally presses the enter button (<ENTER>).

  • This results in the following auto-complete sequence: <Kundennummer><TAB><ENTER><USER><TAB><PASS><ENTER>