Beginner Mode

In Password Depot , you can choose between three different modes. The mode you choose determines the functions that will be available to you.

To change the mode, click on View > Mode.

In the Beginner Mode , only the most important and most basic functions of the program are available. Any advanced functions (like Synchronize databases, Clean-Up, TANs etc.) are disabled and only available in the Expert Mode and Custom Mode (if set accordingly). Due to its restricted functions, the Beginner Mode is especially appropriate for users who do not (yet) know the program very well and/or who would like to only work with the program's basic functions.

To use all functions offered by the program, switch to the Expert Mode. To determine yourself which functions you would like to use, choose the Custom Mode.

NOTE: The freeware version after the trial period can be used only in the Beginner Mode. To switch to the Expert Mode with additional functions and settings, Password Depot must be unlocked.


The following (Edit >) Options ( F10) are available in the Beginner Mode:

User interface

Internet browsers

Browsers add-ons

NOTE: All options regarding the browser add-ons only refer to the three browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, as only these three browsers offer add-ons at the moment.


Here, you can select the fields that will be displayed in the main window. Simply check all of the elements you would like to be displayed.

You have the following options: