Browser Add-ons

You can set Password Depot to fill in web forms automatically - with your user name, password and any further log-in data. There are two methods to do this (they can also be combined):


  1. the Auto-complete function (lightning symbol in the top bar).

  2. the browser add-ons.


Below, you will find more information about browser add-ons . For details on the Auto-complete function, please click here.


Explanation of Browser Add-ons

Add-ons can fill in web forms automatically. Additionally, they can import new log-ins directly into Password Depot, so you do not have to create the entry manually and can surf the Internet safely and conveniently.

Browser add-ons are launched together with the browser and come into action once you have opened a website containing a log-in. Currently, the software includes add-ons for the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

If you do not want to use the browser add-ons, you can uncheck the browser add-on option in the installer, so they will not be installed in the first place. To disable already installed browser add-ons, use the browser's settings.


NOTE: The browser add-ons will not work while a dialog (e.g. Modify entry or Properties) is opened in Password Depot, if Password Depot is closed or locked.


Automatic Completion of Log-ins

If you open a URL that is already saved in one of your password entries and the browser add-ons are enabled, the information (user name, password and other log-in data, if available) will be inserted automatically into the corresponding boxes.


TIP: If you want to make sure that the add-on is working correctly, please check if the add-on symbol is displayed on the login page and visible in the corresponding login boxes.


If several entries in your database are connected to the same URL, you can first open the corresponding URL in your browser. However, the ned add-on will not show you a list of all entries available for this URL and autofill will not start automatically until you choose the correct login credentials. To do so, click on the add-on icon in the login boxes and select the desired entry. All entries connected to this URL will be displayed in a drop-down menu.


You never want to log-in automatically to web forms:

  1. From the Edit menu, select the button Options.
  2. In the window that opens, select Browsers.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox Auto-fill web forms using add-ons .


You do not want to log-in automatically to particular sites:

  1. Select the password.

  2. Go to the Edit menu.

  3. Select the button Properties.

  4. On the Additional tab, uncheck the checkbox Use entry with browser add-ons.


Add New Passwords from Web Browsers

If you enter new login credentials on a new website in your browser manually Password Depot will ask you if a new entry should be added to your database automatically. This is a useful option since Password Depot adds the user name, password, and URL for this new entry to your database automatically so that you do not need to enter the data manually.


Once Password Depot has asked you if you would like to add this new entry to your database you can see the entry's description, user name, password and URL as well as the corresponding folder where this new entry is supposed to be added in the dialog window. Select Add to continue and automatically add this new entry to your database. Select Cancel if you want to stop the process and not save the new entry to your database.


TIPP: In this dialog window, you can select another folder in your database for adding a new entry if you do not want to add it to the folder chosen by Password Depot. However, please note that it is not possible to select another database. New passwords from web browsers can only be added to the database opened in the background.


If you would like to enable or disable this function, please go to Edit -> Options -> Browsers and uncheck the option Add new passwords from web browsers.


Update Existing Password Entries

In case you need to update your login credentials at any time and thus, change them in your browser directly you can add those changes to Password Depot immediately after entering the data on the website. The program recognizes that your database already contains an entry with similar data and will ask you if you would like to update it as requested. If you want to update an already existing entry in your database click on the corresponding browse button in the dialog window. The data will then be updated in your database accordingly.


Additional Features

More options are available with the current add-on. Please read the information below carefully if you would like to learn more about them.



Additional Features Available on the Corresponding Login Page

If you click on the add-on icon in the corresponding login boxes a new dialog window will be displayed and you can either copy the user name and/or password/URL to the clipboard - you can paste the copied information to other applications afterwards, if required. Or you can select the pen icon if you want to edit the corresponding entry immediately. You will get back to Password Depot and be forwarded to the entry's properties.


In Your Browser

If you click on the add-on icon in your browser (it is always displayed at the top right corner) a new dialog window will open and the following features will be available here:



TIPP: When creating a new password with the add-ons integrated password generator you can choose the option Easy to say if you want to avoid numbers and special characters in newly created passwords, the option Easy to read if you want to avoid ambiguous characters (e.g. 0 & o) in newly created passwords and the option All characters if you want to include all kind of characters combinations.



NOTE: This is only a guideline which should help and support you generating secure and strong passwords.



TIPP: If you should notice any problems when using the add-on in general, please visit the Add-on area in our Support Center for further help or send an email to [email protected].