Browser Add-Ons

Password Depot can fill in web forms with user names, passwords and other login data for you. There are two methods in which this can be done:

  • The Auto-Complete function (lightning symbol)
  • The browser add-ons

In this section, the browser add-ons will be explained in detail. Not only can they fill in logins on websites automatically for you, they can also adopt new login credentials directly into Password Depot. The browser add-ons are automatically launched along with the browser and always activate when you open a website with a login. Currently, we offer add-ons for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

If you do not want to use the add-ons, you can remove their checkmarks when installing the program. They can be deactivated retroactively in the respective browser.

NOTE: The add-ons do not work if a dialog window is open in Password Depot or if Password Depot is locked or closed.

Automatic Completion of Log-ins

If an entry has already been created for a website URL, user name, password and other data will be entered automatically.

TIP: The add-on symbol in the login fields of a website tells you if the add-on is available here.

If multiple entries are saved for an opened URL, the fields are not filled in automatically. Instead, click on the add-on symbol and select the desired login.

If you never want the browser add-ons to fill in your login credentials, remove the checkmark on the option Auto-fill web forms using add-ons under Edit → Options (F10) → Browsers.

If you do not want the browser add-ons to fill in your login credentials on specific websites, you can add those URLs to the list of ignored URLS under Database → Database properties (Ctrl + I) → Content. Alternatively, you can go to Edit → Properties (Ctrl + M) → Additional on each entry and deactivate the automatic completion there.

Add New Passwords from Web Browsers

If you log in on a website that has not been saved in Password Depot yet, you can allow the program to automatically ask you if a new entry with the credentials you just entered should be created. You can activate or deactivate this option in Edit → Options → Browser

When the program asks you whether it should create a new entry, you can see its description, user name, password, URL and the folder in which the entry will be saved. You can continue by clicking Add. Clicking Cancel will end the process without saving the new entry.

TIP: You can pick a different folder within the database than the one you have currently opened for the new entry. However, no other database can be selected.

Update existing entries

In case you need to change your login credentials and do so directly on the website in the browser, Password Depot will ask if you would like to update the already existing entry. Click Update to save the changes in Password Depot.

Some websites cause problems with automatic filling for various reasons due to the add-on. In such cases, you have the option to manually correct or update the forms.

Additional options

On the login site

If you click on the add-on symbol, you can copy the user name, the password and/or the URL to your clipboard. With the pen symbol, you can open the properties of the entry in Password Depot to edit it.

In the browser

If you click on the add-on symbol in the browser itself, the following options will be available:

  • Search your depot: Search for an entry in your open database. With the respective symbols, you can copy data, edit the entry or open it in a new tab. Please note that the search currently only works with character strings present in the URL.
  • Open native client: Opens the desktop client.
  • Settings: Here, you can change the WebSocket port. Additionally, you can find the option Auto-Fill when domain matches. By default, this option is deactivated to avoid errors when filling in fields.
  • Generate secure password: Opens the password generator.
  • How secure is my password?: When creating a new password without the help of the generator, you can check how secure it is here. Please note that this is only an estimate.
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  • Rate us: We would be very happy if you could rate our add-on and its features!

TIP: If you have trouble with your add-on, please visit the Add-On section in our support center.