Change type

You can change the entry type by highlighting an entry in the main view and going to Entry → Change type. For example, you can convert a "Password" entry into a "Credit card" entry. Automatically converting entries into another type of entry simplifies work since you do not have to carry out the required steps manually. Please find more information below on how to proceed when changing the type of entry.

The dialog window Change entry type displays the following information or moreover you can specify the following here:

  • Current type: You can see here the entry's current type of entry. 
  • Convert to: Select the desired target type of entry from the drop down-menu, that is the type you would like to convert to. 
  • Associate field names: Here, you can specify how to proceed with the field names of the current type during conversion. For example, if you would like to convert a "Banking" entry into the entry "Software license" you can assign the field names of the current "Banking" type to the field names of the target "Software license" type. This way, a "Card holder" might be the "Username" after conversion.

WARNING: If you do not assign any field names, the converter will only take into consideration information which is available for both entry types, for example the username/user or password field which are available for nearly every type of entry in Password Depot. To avoid data loss, we strongly recommend assigning the field names before starting with conversion since each Password Depot entry type basically uses a different template.

As soon as you have finished assigning the field names click Convert to start the process. You will be forwarded to Password Depot's main view next where you can see that conversion has been completed and the information saved to another type of entry. 

HINT: You may also select multiple entries of the same entry type and convert them into another type at the same time provided these entries should be converted into the same target type.