Custom Server

If the cloud service you are using is not already integrated into Password Depot, you can add it with just a few user-defined details.

  • Protocol: Choose the protocol for connecting to the cloud server. This could be FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or another supported protocol. Through the Advanced option, you can configure a password and/or private/public keys
  • Address: Enter the server address, which is the URL or IP address of the cloud server.
  • Port: Specify the port number used for connecting to the server. The default port number will depend on the chosen protocol.
  • Path: Provide the path on the server where your data will be stored. This can be a specific directory or folder on the server.
  • Username: Enter the username required to access the cloud server.
  • Passive: Check this box if you want to use passive mode for the connection. This is usually recommended for clients behind a firewall or router.
  • Password: Input the password associated with your username for the cloud server.

By filling in these fields, you can configure your own cloud servers, thereby expanding the range of storage locations available in the Password Depot's database manager.