Options - Customize Top Bar

To call up the dialog for modifying the top bar, there are two possibilities:

  • Open the program's options (EditOptions or F10), click on the Top Bar tab and then onto the button Customize Top Bar.
  • In case the program is in top bar mode, you can also open the dialog in question by right-clicking on the top bar and then clicking on Customize.

In the window Customize Top Bar, you will see two lists: on the left are all buttons that could be shown in the top bar but are currently not shown ("Available toolbar buttons"); on the right are all buttons that currently appear in the top bar ("Current toolbar buttons").

You are now able to make the following adjustments:

  • Add: If you would like to add a button to the top bar, select this button from the left list and click on Add →. The selected button will then be cleared from the left list and will appear on the right list.
  • Remove: To remove an item from the top bar, select this item on the right list and click on ← Remove. The selected button will now be cleared from the right list and instead appear on the left list.
  • Reset: If you click on this button, the program's default settings for the top bar will be restored. In this case, the top bar will contain the 15 generally most-used functions, e.g. the automatic fill-in function.
  • Move Up/Down: Using these buttons, you can change the order in which the symbols appear in the toolbar. To do so, please select an element on the right list and then click on Move Up or Move Down. With every click, the element will be placed one position higher or lower.
  • User name as text button/Password as text button: By checking the boxes for user name and password, respectively, you can add those as custom options to the top bar. That means you can see your current entry in clear text/unmasked format on the top bar. For this purpose, you can also set the maximum length of text displayed (Max. text length).