Database Manager - Internet Server

In Password Depot, you can open and save databases on an Internet server. To do so, please open the Database Manager (menu DatabaseDatabase Manager) and click on the tab Internet Server. A new dialog window will open. Now, please click on the icon Manage servers. Afterwards, click + New in order to choose from one of the offered services:

  • Custom Server
  • GMX MediaCenter
  • WEB:DE Online-Speicher
  • MagentaCLOUD
  • freenet Cloud
  • Strato HiDrive
  • Yandex Disk
  • pCloud
  • wölkli

With the release of version 14 support of multiple cloud servers (see the ones above) via WebDAV protocol is implemented. After having chosen one of these cloud servers you need to enter different data in a next step. You can read in the section Manage Databases on Internet Servers which data is required in order to establish a connection.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the list of available databases saved on the Internet Server.
  • Manage servers: Allows you to create/add a new Internet Server, on which you can subsequently create databases.

  • New database: Enables you to create a new database on your Internet Server. 

NOTE: The function New database is only active and usable if the Internet Server protocol is set to FTP or SFTP. New files cannot be uploaded to HTTP or HTTPS servers. To find out and/or change the protocol currently used, go to the Manage Internet Server function.

  1. Open: Opens a database selected from the list. In case you would like to open a desired file that is saved on a new, different server, simply click on Manage servers . You can now create a new server. Then click on Refresh, select the desired database and click on Open.