Database Manager - Local System

In Password Depot, you can open and save databases on your local system. To do so, please open the Database Manager (menu Database Database Manager ) and click on the tab Local System . The following options are now available:

  • Back: If you changed folders in the browser, with this button, you can jump back to the previous folder.
  • Forward: If you jumped back/changed a folder previously, with this button, you can jump forward again.
  • Level up: Changes over to the next higher-order folder/directory.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the list of databases on your local system, e.g. after you have made changes to the files.
  • New database: Enables you to create a new database on your local system. A detailed description of this process is provided here.
  • Delete: Deletes a selected database from the list.
  • Browse...: Allows you to search the local system for a specific database and then to load it.
  • Open: Opens a database selected in the list. In case the desired file is not shown in the list, simply search your local system for this database, using the function Browse.... Then select the database and click on Open.