Database Manager - Enterprise Server

In Password Depot, you can open and save databases on the Enterprise Server module. To do so, please open the Database Manager (menu Database > Database Manager) and click on the tab Enterprise Server. The following options are now available:

  • Sign in: Directs you to the login site of Enterprise Server. Here, you enter all of the information indicated below this list. After login, all databases that you can access will be listed. Alternatively, you can also use the integrated Windows authentication, if available - for this purpose, click on the right arrow button. Further, since version 12.0.7, optional Two-Factor Authentication has been implemented when connecting to the Enterprise Server. The administrator is able to activate Two-Factor Authentication for the client's server login. If this option is selected, clients need to enter both user name and password as well as a particular code they will receive during login process. You can read more about Two-Factor Authentication here.
  • Sign out: Logs you out of the Enterprise Server.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the list of available databases saved on the Enterprise Server.
  • Change password: Allows you to change the password for Enterprise Server.
  • View Certificate: If a certificate was installed earlier, you can view its details here.
  • Offline Mode: This is a new function. Databases from the Enterprise Server can now continue to be used in the new offline mode comfortably, i.e. even if the connection to the actual server has been cut. Once re-connected to the server, the databases will synchronize automatically.
  • Open: Opens a database selected in the list. For this purpose, select the desired database in the view and then click on Open.

NOTE: Databases for the Enterprise Server can only be created via the server's control panel. In case you would like to share a file on your local PC with other users, you would need to send this file to the system administrator first.

NOTE: Once you have opened an Enterprise Server´s database, you can easily and quickly switch between accessible files by using the Databases from Server window in the navigation area to the left - without needing to re-open the Database Manager.

Enterprise Server: Login

Having clicked on Sign in, you will need to indicate your server information:

  • Server address: Type in the address from which Enterprise Server is executed. Generally, this is a local address, e.g.

  • Port: Enter the port through which Password Depot can be reached. By default, this is port 25014 in Password Depot 14.

  • User name: Enter the user name assigned by the administrator.

  • Password: Enter the password assigned by the administrator.

  • Use SSL/TLS: Here, you can, optionally, set safe connections via SSL/TLS in addition.

Finally, click on OK.

NOTE: Via the tab Enterprise Server, you can only open files for which you possess the required access rights. These rights are assigned to you directly by your network or system administrator.

TIP: If you have Password Depot (i.e. an unlocked/full professional version) or run Password Depot in the 30-Day Trial Mode, you can manage up to 3 users for free using the Enterprise Server module! To do so, please download the Enterprise Server from our website and install it on one of the network's computers.