Add/Modify Entry - EC Card

To add new EC Card entries, click on Edit > New > EC Card. The new entry will be saved in the currently opened folder (shown in the navigation area on the left-hand side).

In the dialog General, you can enter the following data (all entries apart from the description are optional):

    • Description: Enter a description for the new EC Card entry. The description is the name that will be displayed in the password area window.

    • Change icon (button to the right of Description): To change the icon for a password, click on Change icon to the right of the description. If you left-click on the icon, the Select icon window opens. If you right-click on the icon, you can choose among three options: Select Icon... (guides you to the Select icon window), Load from URL (using the standard icon (favicon.ico) of the URL you entered), and Reset Icon (Resets to the standard password icon of Password Depot).

  • Card Holder: Name the EC card´s owner.
  • Account Number: Enter the number of your bank account.
  • Bank code number: Enter the code which identifies your bank.
  • Bank Name: Enter the name of your bank.
  • BIC: Enter the BIC code of the bank for international transfers.
  • IBAN: Enter the IBAN code of the bank for international transfers.
  • URL: Enter the address for online banking. You can choose between the following input options (from left to right): typing, browsing through your folders, and opening in your standard browser.
  • Login: Enter your user name for online banking.

  • Password: Enter your corresponding password for online banking.
  • Show/Hide password (eye icon to the right): Changes whether the password is shown or hidden (and represented by dots).
  • Card Number: Enter your EC card´s number.
  • Service Phone: Enter your bank's telephone number.
  • Legitimacy ID: Enter, if applicable, additional ID code for online banking.
  • PIN: Enter EC card's PIN number.
  • Show/Hide PIN (eye icon to the right): Changes whether the PIN is shown or hidden (and represented by dots).
  • Expires on: Indicate EC card's expiry date.
  • Comments: Enter, if needed, supplementary information.

Click on OK to save changes, or on Cancel to close the window without saving changes.

Apart from the present entry tab, the following tabs are available:

NOTE: In this dialog box, you may use the virtual keyboard. This function is situated in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog box.