Categorize Entries

In Password Depot, you can assign self-chosen categories to passwords, e.g. when adding a new entry or modifying an existing entry.

To edit the categories, go to the Edit menu and choose Categories.

Use the following command buttons to edit the categories list:

  • Add: Adds a new category to the list.

  • Delete: Deletes a selected category.

  • Replace: Renames a selected category.

  • Clear: Deletes all categories from the list.

  • Load from File: Loads categories from a file.

  • Save to File: Saves the selected category within a file. This function is ideal if you are using different databases and, within these, would like to have the same categories, without having to manually edit each file's categories. In thsi cas, you can simply save the categories in a file and then load it within a different database, via Load from File .

Once you have edited the categories, click OK to apply the changes.

NOTE: The buttons Add and Replace only become active and thus usable after you have entered characters into the entry field above.