Add/Edit TAN

Use this dialog box to add a TAN or to modify the properties of an existing TAN.

NOTICE: You can only modify a TAN if such a number is available in the first place!

In the present window, you can fill in the following information; only the fiel TAN is obligatory:

  • Number: This parameter is used for numbered (indexed) TANs.

  • TAN: Actual value of the TAN, usually a 6-digit number.

  • Used On: To mark the TAN as used, check the calendar and specify a date.

  • Amount: The money amount used in the transaction.

  • Confirmation Code: If your bank uses confirmation codes to accept the order taking you can enter it here.

  • Comments: Arbitrary text you wish to associate with the TAN.

Click Next to be able to enter the next TAN.