Encrypt, Decrypt and Erase External Files

Password Depot allows you to encrypt, decrypt or erase external files, regardless of their format. The encryption uses the AES 256-Bit algorithm.

You can find the functions Encrypt external filesDecrypt external files and Erase external files in the Tools menu.

Encrypt external files

  • Select Tools → Encrypt external files.
  • Select the file(s) you want to encrypt and click Open.
  • Enter your desired password in the dialog field Password Depot - Encrypt and repeat it. By clicking Generate, you can generate a password. By clicking Show/Hide, you can display the password in plain text or hide it. The quality of the password will be displayed as a bar.
  • If desired, select the following options:
    • Delete original file(s) after encryption: Permanently deletes the original file.
    • Create a self-extracting archive: Allows users who have not installed Password Depot to open the file.
    • Store password with Password Depot: Saves the password in Password Depot.
  • Click Encrypt to finish.

Decrypt external files

  • Select Tools → Decrypt external files.
  • Select the encrypted (.pwde) file you want to decrypt, and click Open.
  • Enter the password of the file in the Password Depot - Decrypt window.
  • If desired, you can select Delete encrypted files after decryption if you no longer need the decrypted file.
  • Click Decrypt to finish.

Erase external files

With Password Depot, you can permanently delete files from your hard drive. These erased files cannot be restored, not even by specialized programs, since they are overwritten multiple times during their deletion. To erase files, follow these steps:

  • Select Tools → Erase external file.
  • Select the file(s) you would like to delete and click Open.
  • Password Depot will warn you that the selected file(s) will be deleted. If you want to permanently delete them, click Erase.