Enter Master Password

To open a database, you will first need to authenticate yourself. A small dialog box, showing the name of the database you are going to open, will appear. In this window, you will have to enter your master password and, if you previously chose this option, the corresponding key file. If you encrypt your database with a master password and a key file, we speak of Two-Factor Authentication. In this case, this applies for databases stored on your local system or in one of the offered cloud services.

Show Details

Below the section for entering master password and key file, there is the option Show details or Hide details. Using these functions, you can show or hide the description of the database you are opening (if available).

If you have the details shown, you will see the button Load last-used file at program start. Depending on whether you check or unckeck this option, the passwords file that you have last used in Password Depot will be loaded upon opening the program.

Forgot your (Master) Password?

In case you have forgotten your master password and had indicated a hint for this password when generating it, you can click on Forgot your password? which will then display the hint.

Entering a wrong Master Password

If you enter a wrong master password or indicate a wrong key file, you will see an error message. Subsequently, you can re-type the master password.

NOTE: After each incorrect input, the "OK" button will be disabled for an exponentially increasing duration to make brute-force attacks more difficult.

Change Master Password

In order to change your master password, open the program Properties and select the tab General.