Entry Type: Certificate

To add new certificates, click on Edit → New → Certificate or use the arrow on the Password button on the toolbar.

On the General tab, you can enter the following information:

  • Description: Enter a description for the new entry. The description is the name that will be displayed in the password area, and is therefore the only field that is not optional.
  • Change icon: By clicking on the icon of an entry, you can change it. By right-clicking the symbol, you can choose between the options Select Icon, Load from URL and Reset Icon.
  • Public key: Here, you can select a certificate by clicking the folder icon, view it by clicking the magnifying glass icon, or save it by clicking the floppy disk icon.
  • Private key: Here, you can select a certificate by clicking the folder symbol, view it by clicking the magnifier symbol or save it by clicking the floppy disk symbol as well.
  • Password: Enter the password. By clicking the eye symbol, you can hide or display your password in plain text.
  • Category: Assign a category to the entry to help structure your database.
  • Importance: Select the level of importance for this entry.
  • Expires: If your certificate is valid for a limited time, you can add an expiration date here. By clicking Extend, you can extend its validity.
  • Tags: Here, you can add tags to allow for better filtering of your entries.
  • Comments: You can add further notes here.

Additionally, the following tabs are available:

Click OK to save changes or Cancel to close the window without saving changes.