Entry Type: Custom

Password Depot 17 allows you to use custom templates for entries. To add a custom entry, click on Edit → New → Custom or use the arrow on the Password button on the toolbar. If you have not created any custom templates yet, you can do so here. Otherwise, a list of available templates will be displayed here.

To create a new template, go to Edit → New template. Here, you can name the new template and change its icon. Below, you can edit the components of your template. The following components are available:

  • Custom
  • User name
  • Password
  • URL
  • Comments
  • Importance
  • Expiry date
  • Category
  • Tags

New components can be added by clicking the plus symbol. By selecting a component and double-clicking it or clicking the pencil symbol, you can edit it. You can delete a component by selecting it and clicking the folder symbol with the red cross. The arrow buttons move a selected component up or down. The eye symbol hides or displays the values of password components in plain text.

Custom entries are created on the basis of these templates.

Additionally, the following tabs are available both while creating new templates and while creating new custom entries:

Click OK to save changes to the template or entry, or Cancel to close the window without saving changes.