Entry Type: Document

You have the possibility to enter your documents in Password Depot. The documents will thereby be added to your encrypted database. To create a new entry for a document, click on EditNewDocument.

When you add a new document, you must select the file first.

The following fields are filled in automatically after file selection and cannot be edited:

  • Document: The name of the file.
  • Type: The type (file name extension) of the file.
  • Size: The size of the file.
  • Modified: [Date/Time] of the last change.
  • Change icon: To change the icon of a document, click Change icon to the right of the description. If you left-click the icon, the Select icon window opens. If you right-click the icon, you can choose between three options: Select icon (guides you to the Select icon window), Load from URL (using the standard icon of the URL you entered), and Reset icon (resets the standard document icon).

The following fields are also available:

  • Original path: The original path of the file. With Erase, you can, if desired, delete the original file irrevocably from your hard drive.
  • Default folder: The default folder for actions with this file (e.g. export). You may either type or click on the right-hand folder icon to set a path.
  • Category: Categories help you to structure your passwords.
  • Comment: Enter further information, if applicable.

The following functions are available at the bottom of the tab:

  • View: Displays the file with the application linked in Windows.
  • Edit: Opens the file with the application linked in Windows.
  • Import: Import the file again, e.g. from another source.
  • Export: Save the file on a data carrier.

Click on OK to save changes, or on Cancel to close the window without saving changes.

NOTE: The Document entry type stores a file directly within Password Depot, i.e. documents are part of your Password Depot database. The entry type Encrypted file, on the other hand, is always stored on your data carrier and stored in the database of Password Depot are only the password and the link to the encrypted file. If you delete the file from your computer (for example, using Windows Explorer), you can no longer access it.