Entry Type: Identity

To add new identity entries, click on Edit → New → Identity or use the arrow on the Password button on the toolbar. 

On the General tab, you can enter the following information:

  • Description: Enter a description for the new entry. The description is the name that will be displayed in the password area, and is therefore the only field that is not optional.
  • Change icon: By clicking on the icon of an entry, you can change it. By right-clicking the symbol, you can choose between the options Select Icon, Load from URL and Reset Icon.
  • Account Name/ID: Enter an account name or another form of ID here.
  • First/Last Name: Enter the name of the person here.
  • Email Address: Enter the email address here.
  • Web Site: Enter the URL of a website connected to the person, either manually, by browsing through your folders or in your standard browser.
  • Birth Date: Enter the birth date of the person.
  • Company: Enter the company name here.
  • Street/House number: Enter postal address information here.
  • Address 2: Enter further address information here, if applicable.
  • City: Enter the name of the city here.
  • State (Province): Enter a state, province, or district here.
  • ZIP: Enter the postal code of the city here.
  • Country: Enter the country here.
  • Phone/Mobile/Fax: Enter the telephone, mobile, and fax numbers here.
  • Category: Assign the entry a category to help structure your database.
  • Comments: You can add further notes here.

Additionally, the following tabs are available: