Properties - Advanced

On the Advanced tab of the database properties, you can define different settings for the password policy.

Password policy

  • Passwords hidden by default: If this option is checked, passwords are hidden and will be shown as asterisks (***). If it is unchecked, passwords will be shown in plain text. However, this is not recommended for security reasons.
  • Check password resistance to dictionary attacks: If you activate this option, the software will check every password for character strings which may be part of a dictionary, and warn you in case it finds any.
  • Force new/edited passwords to comply with the following policies: If you select this option, all new or modified passwords will be checked for compliance with the parameters defined below. When a password does not meet the defined policy, you will be prompted to modify the password. 
    • Minimum length: Define how many characters a password must contain at minimum.
    • Password must include: Define which characters a password must contain and how they must be distributed.

Second password

Activating this option forces authorized users to protect the database with a second password. This way, Enterprise Server databases can be protected from access by the super-admin.

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