Properties - Backup

The remote backup file is an additional option for creating backup files. This should not be confused with the standard backup file, which is set via EditOptions (F10) → Save.

In the dialog window Backup in the database properties, you can set the storage location and the creation/settings of backup files.

Remote backup locations

Choose whether you want to save your backup locally and/or on an Internet Server.

  • Server: In case you would like to save the backup files on a Internet server, check the box and use the Manage Servers button to select an existing server or to create a new one.
  • Local System: If you prefer to save the passwords file locally on your PC, check the box and select the corresponding path via Browse (or type in the field).

Remote backup settings

  • Create automatic backup every: To create backups automatically and regularly, check this option and enter the number/interval of days.
  • Create Backup: Allows you to create an instant backup now.

NOTE: The Create Backup button is only active and usable if you have selected a backup location above!

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