Database Properties

Each Password Depot database has properties. Unlike program options, these properties are linked to a database and can be defined for each database individually. To view and modify/change your database properties, click on the menu DatabaseDatabase Properties (Ctrl + I), or right-click on your database in the left-hand navigation area, followed by selecting Properties.

There are six tabs in the Properties dialog:

  • General: Displays a number of information fields; allows for change of authentification; offers deletion or refreshing of icons used in databases; offers deletion of attachments; contains ignored websites and allows for their modification/editing
  • Content: In this tab you can edit your database content. This includes, for example, the recycle bin settings, the history of your passwords as well as custom icons, attachments and Ignored URLs.
  • Advanced: Allows for definition of password policies in a database; allows for setting size of change history or its deletion.
  • Notes: Allows for modifying/editing of notes and master password hints - both are shown when opening databases.
  • Backup: Allows for creating and saving backup files on internet or other remote servers and setting intervals for these backups, independent from regular backup files which are defined through the program options.
  • Entries: You can choose here from different types of entries and deactivate those you are actually not working with or those which are not necessary to you.
  • Security: Allows you to set a second password for additional security of your database and to edit an existing second password.

See also: GeneralContentAdvancedNotesBackupEntriesSecurity