Properties - General

In the General tab of the database properties, you can see some basic information about your database and make some changes, if necessary.

At the top, you can see the name of your database. It cannot be changed here. Below you can see further information:

  • Location: Indicates the storage location of your database. The location cannot be changed in this dialog. To change the name of your database or the file path, you can either use the Database -→ Save as command in the main menu or make those changes in the Windows Explorer.
  • Size: Shows the size of your passwords file in kilobytes and bytes.
  • Last modified: Informs about the date of the file's last modification.
  • Contains: You can see here your database's total number of folders and entries.
  • Authentication: Shows the currently used authentication method for this database and also allows for its Change. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce database size through compression (tick box "Use compression to reduce the Database size").
  • Use compression to reduce the Database size: Makes the database smaller by compressing it.

NOTE: Keep your databases always up-to-date and avoid unnecessary information. If your database takes a lot of time to load, you may need to consider reviewing your attachments and custom icons, as they increase the size of your database. You can either use the Clean-up function in the Tools tab to find entries and attachments which are no longer being used, or you can delete custom icons and attachments in the General tab as described above.

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