Global Custom Fields

The Global custom fields function on the Tools menu provides frequently used information, such as email addresses or nick names, and thus saves you the trouble of having to enter them anew for every password.   

  • Add: Opens the window Edit Custom Field for creating a new global field (see below).
  • Edit: Allows you to change an existing field.
  • Delete: Removes a selected global field from the list.
  • Mask values: If checked, hides the content of the fields in the list. If unchecked, allows to see the fields' contents.

Click on OK once you have completed all the desired changes.

Edit Custom Field

If you click on the Add button in the Global fields window, a new window opens, where you can edit global fields.

  • Name: Enter a meaningful title for the field. You can either write a name yourself or select a name from the drop-down menu, e.g. "Address" or "Birth Date."
  • Value: Enter the value you would like to have for the field you are editing.

Name: Email address
Value: [email protected]

  • HTML Input: Here, you can indicate the name of a corresponding HTML input element, if applicable.
  • Visible in top bar: Check this option if you would like this custom field to be displayed in the top bar.