Global Custom Fields

Global custom fields, which can be accessed via the menu Edit, provide frequently used custom information without having to add an individual custom field for each new entry.

  • Add field: Creates a new field. Name it and enter a value.
  • Edit field: Here, you can edit the name or value of an existing field.
  • Delete field: Removes a custom field from your list.
  • Up/Down: Changes the order of the custom fields.
  • Hide: Activate or deactivate this option to show the values of password-type fields in plain text or hide them respectively.

Creating a new Global Custom Field

If you click the plus in the Global Custom Fields window, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Name: Enter a name for the field or choose one from the list.
  • Type: Select a type for this field.
  • Value: Enter a value for the field.
  • Input element: Here, you can enter the name of an appropriate HTML input element.