Import Wizard - Import from other password managers

Importing passwords from one password manager to another (e.g. KeePass, 1Password etc.) may prove to be a very tedious task in case you have to do this manually and must transfer each password individually.

If you import passwords into Password Depot, however, the import wizard (via Tools Import) will help you. First, you have to export your passwords contained in the other passwords manager into a .csv or .xml file, then you can import this file via the import wizard into Password Depot.

EXAMPLE: Import from KeePass

If you want to import KeePass data into Password Depot, please first export this data into CSV format.

The KeePass CSV file contains only the main fields "Account","Login", "Name","Password","Web Site" and "Comments".

In Password Depot, click ToolsImport and choose the exported CSV file.

On the next page enter a comma "," as delimiter. Now you will see all available fields from the KeePass file in the left column.

Please assign them as follows:

  1. Click the field Account in the left panel.
  2. In the right panel choose the corresponding Password Depot field, which is Description.
  3. Now click the icon >> to make the assignment.

Proceed with the remaining fields as follows:

  • Login Name → User Name
  • Password → Password
  • Web Site → URL
  • Comments → Comments

After that, check the option First line contains field names and click the Next button.