Import Wizard - CSV File Import

This page of the import wizard is used to adjust parameters for importing passwords from a CSV file.

If the source file was created using the same version of Password Depot , you can accept the standard values of the wizard. If the source file was created using another version or another software altogether, you have to check or define the following field assignments:

  • Delimiter: This is a character used in CSV files to separate values, the most frequently used symbols being ';', ',' or ' ' (blank).

  • Text qualifier: This is a symbol used to group complex strings; the most often used symbol is '"' (double quotation marks).

  • Available Fields: If the source file is not empty and the delimiter and text qualifier are specified correctly, this list contains values from the first row of the source file.

  • Assign target and source fields: This list is used to establish correspondence between values in the source file and the relevant fields used by Password Depot. To assign a source field to a target field in Password Depot , select a value from the Available Fields list on the left and the relevant target field from the list on the right and click the >> button. To remove a relation, select an item from the right list and click the << button.

If the first line of the CSV file contains the field description ("First line contains field names"), please check this control box to exclude the first line from the import process. Subsequently, the depiction in the wizard will be updated.

To continue, click the Next button.