Key Shortcuts

To quickly access the most important functions of Password Depot, use the following key shortcuts:

Function Shortcuts
Favorites Alt + C
Save Database Ctrl + S
Save Database as ... Ctrl + Alt + S
Print Database Ctrl + P
Close Database Ctrl + W
Backup now Ctrl + B
Lock Ctrl + L
Exit Alt + F4
Add Password ... Ctrl + Ins
Modify Password ("Properties") Ctrl + M
Delete Ctrl + Del
Database Properties Ctrl + I
Copy password to clipboard F2
Copy user name to clipboard F3
Copy URL to clipboard F4
Open URL in Primary/Standard Browser F5
Auto-completion F6
Select all Ctrl + A
Auto-complete sequences Ctrl + Q
Search Ctrl + F
Advanced Search Ctrl + Alt + F
Search and Replace Ctrl + R
Options F10
Program help Ctrl + H
Program help for specific functions F1

NOTE: Password Depot´s keyboard shortcuts listed above are fixed and cannot be changed by users. In addition to that, there are several other global shortcuts which do work both outside Password Depot and within the program itself. You can define those shortcuts individually in the program options. To do so, please go to Options -→ Hotkeys .