Lock Password Depot

The Lock function is one of Password Depot's most important local security features: It allows you to safely leave Password Depot running on your computer without having to worry that someone else could take a look at your database.

Lock Password Depot

If you lock the program, this moves the application into the tray bar and in this way secures ('locks') it. The Lock function can be found at three places:

  • on the Database menu, under Lock (Ctrl+L),
  • on the blue toolbar, on the far-right side (lock icon).
  • on the top bar, on the far-right side (lock icon).

Unlock Password Depot

To restore the application, you must enter the authentication method of the currently opened file - i.e. its master password and/or key file:

  1. Click on the tray bar icon of Password Depot. Alternatively, simply select Password Depot from your normal program applications.
  2. A window opens, asking for the file's authentication.
  3. Enter the master password and/or select the path to the key file.

NOTE: If you have entered a wrong master password and/or selected a wrong key file, you will receive an "Invalid master password/key file" error message. The application will be locked briefly. Afterwards, you can re-enter the master password and/or re-select the key file.

  1. Click on the OK button.

NOTE: As long as the application is locked, you cannot perform any actions: neither edit the currently opened list, nor add a new list, nor open a different list. This may seem annoying, but only this guarantees the highest security standard possible on your computer.