Options - Clipboard

In the program's Options (Edit > Options or F10), the tab Clipboard allows you to configure the program's actions in relation to the clipboard.


NOTE: This tool cannot provide you with 100% detection of all clipboard viewers - it can only detect applications that register themselves as "clipboard viewers". In such a case, Password Depot can detect the viewer´s handle and, subsequently, its exe-name. It is however possible that some third party applications do not register themselves as clipboard viewers and only open and read the clipboard periodically (e.g. with timer events). Under such circumstances, there is no way to detect this viewer.

NOTE: Whenever Password Depot reports an unknown application that uses e.g. the name HWND, then this does not (automatically) mean that you are dealing with malware. Usually, this merely indicates that an application which previously read the clipboard has been closed, but failed to sign off in Windows as a "clipboard viewer" properly. Or the relevant application may still be active, but did not sign in properly, so that the name of the exe-file remains unknown.