Options - Hotkeys

Several system-wide hotkeys are available in Password Depot which do work both within the program itself as well as outside Password Depot. Those global shortcuts are predefined by default and can be found under Options → Hotkeys. You can define them individually in the options.

In Password Depot, by default those system-wide hotkeys are defined as follows:

Function Hotkey
Main window/Minimize Strg + Alt + R
Top bar/Minimize Strg + Alt + T
Find and insert username Strg + Alt + U
Find and insert password Strg + Alt + P
Find and auto-complete Strg + Alt + A
Insert selected username Strg + UMSCHALT + Alt + U
Insert selected password Strg + UMSCHALT + Alt + P
Auto-complete selected Strg + UMSCHALT + Alt + A

In addition to that, you can use the WinKey , for example, for docking Password Depot to the right on your screen, or WinKey + for docking it to the left on your screen etc. This way you can work with Password Depot in full mode and still change between different programs and windows on your screen very easily.