Options - Layout

In the Layout tab of the Program Options (Edit → Options or shortcut F10) you can set the following:

Entries font

Here, you can change the font of your entries. In general, the Default font is pre-selected. Choose another one from the drop down-menu as the default font for all types of entries within your database.


In the Display area you can select which information about your database entries should be displayed in the main password area. Simply check all columns you would like to include in the main view.

You can choose between the following columns:

  • ! (Importance)
  • Description
  • # (Entry ID)
  • URL
  • User name
  • Password
  • Type
  • Modified
  • Expiry date
  • Category
  • Comments
  • Last accessed

HINT: If you click one of the layout categories in the main password area your entries will be arranged in the main window accordingly. Example: By clicking Modified the entries in your password list will be arranged according to the date of their last modification.

Expired entries

In the Expired entries area you can define how to proceed with expired entries while using the program:

  • Hide expired entries from the lists: Select this option if you do not want expired entries to still be displayed in the main password area.
  • Hide expired entries from the search results: Select this option if you want expired entries to be excluded during search. In this case, they will not be displayed in the search results.