Options - Network

In the program's Options (Edit > Options or F10), the tab Network allows you to set the options regarding your proxy server and the server module of Password Depot.

Enterprise Server

  • Default authentication mode: Here, you can choose between the integrated Windows authentication and the user name/password options.
  • Internet Protocol version: Here, you can choose between three options (Auto, IPv4, and IPv6) for the internet protocol.
  • Automatically reconnect on network errors: If you check this option, the software will automatically try to re-establish a connection after errors pertaining to the network connection.
  • Reconnect interval (sec): Here, you can set the temporal distance (in seconds) between the automatic attempts at reconnecting.
  • Reconnect attempts: Allows you to set how often the program should try to re-establish a connection.

SSL/TLS Settings

If your administrator installed a certificate for the Enterprise Server, here you can define the settings for the SSL/TLS connection to the server: whether a SSL/TLS connection should be used and, whether the server certificate should be verified.