Options - Save

In the program's Options (Edit Options or F10), the tab Save allows you to determine e.g. how often the database and backup files are saved.

Save and backup

  • Auto save database on every change : If you activate this option, any change to your database will be saved automatically. This improves the safety of your data.
  • Create a backup copy on database saving: If you select this option, a backup file of your database will be created each time you select Save or Save As from the Database menu (or Save on the tool bar). Below, you can also specify how many backup files you would like to have overall.
  • Create a backup copy on database opening : If you select this option, you will have to select the Backup function from Database menu to create backups.

Remote databases / Databases from Enterprise Server

Here, you can define whether the local copy of your database should be deleted after you have finished working with files from an Internet server ("Automatically delete local copy after closing remote database") or saved and kept locally ("Store local copy of databases from Password Depot Enterprise Server").

NOTE: These settings may be disabled through direct server settings by your administrator.

Working directories

Here, you can modify the directories of your database and of the backup files.