Options - Warnings

In the Warnings tab of the program Options (Edit -→ Options or F10), you can define which warnings should be send by the program and which you would like to ignore. Thus, you can decide for yourself which warnings are helpful to you.  

Uncheck the boxes of all warnings you don't want to be shown any longer. You can choose between the following options:

  • Weak master password.
  • Recommendation to use secure FTP protocol.
  • Extraction of encrypted data on disk.
  • Too many entries in the root folder.
  • The database is too large.
  • Data copied to the Clipboard.
  • Password Depot is running in locked state.
  • Disconnected from Password Depot Enterprise Server.
  • Moving of non-empty folders.
  • Switch to offline mode.
  • Moving entries to Recycle Bin.

Alternatively, you can also select Check All to activate all available warnings or Uncheck All to disable all warnings from being displayed by the program.