Password Generator

The Password Generator is a tool for creating random passwords.

This tool can be opened in different ways:

To generate a random password, on the General tab, proceed as follows:

  1. Character types used for generating password: Choose which characters will be used for the password's creation (e.g. lowercase and/or uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters).

  2. Exclude similar-looking characters: Sets whether the program may use characters that look similar to create the password.

  3. Maximum number of characters in generated password: Limit the maximum number of characters of the final password. Up to 256 characters may be used.

  4. Password policy: Determines whether your new password complies with existing password policies.

  5. To generate the password, now move your mouse cursor across the field below, showing random data (in green). Your cursor's movements will select characters randomly and thereby generate a randomized password.

  6. Password: In this field, the newly generated password will be shown.

  7. Clear: Erases the generated password and enables you to create a new one.

  8. Show/Hide: Displays the password either as 'normal' characters ("show") or as dots ("hide").

  9. Copy: If you are content with the generated password, you can copy it directly to the clipboard.

  10. OK/Copy to Clipboard: Click here if you are content with the generated password (otherwise click Cancel to leave without saving). The password will then be copied to the clipboard or, if the window for adding/modifying passwords is opened in the background, directly inserted into the field Password.

If you need more advanced options to be able to generate a very specific password, please refer to the Advanced tab.