Quick start

You want to start immediately, without having to read the entire user manual? The following instructions will help you in this regard:

  1. Install Password Depot.
    In order to be able to add passwords directly from the browser and for information to be filled in automatically on websites, you need to install the browser add-ons. If these add-ons are not installed, passwords can only be added manually and the completion process also needs to be started manually. (The add-ons can also be installed retroactively.)
  2. Start Password Depot.
  3. Create a new database, by clicking on Database > Database Manager > Local System > New Database.
  4. Open a database by authenticating yourself with the method defined in step 3.
  5. Add passwords by clicking on Edit > New > Password. If add-ons are installed and active, you can simply log in in the browser directly and Password Depot will offer you to save this information in the opened database.
  6. Create folders to better organize your entries. To create a folder, right-click on the left navigation panel (similar to Windows Explorer) and select New.
  7. If necessary, make changes to the entry, by clicking on Properties.

TIP: To ensure the password is filled in on every page of the website, add a URL (URLs tab) mask to the entry. E.g. *domain.com*

  1. Next time you load the URL in your browser, the add-on will fill in the stored information automatically. All that remains to be done is clicking on the login button.

See also Auto-completion.