Seal Entries

If a user authorizes another user on the Enterprise Server to access entries he can also seal those elements. In this case, the user who has been authorized by another user has to ask for an approval in order to use the corresponding element in general. Please note that without the correct approval, access to sealed entries is not possible.

After access has been granted to a single entry by a user, the issuer selects Next and he will be forwarded to the sealed access subsequently.

If you would like to provide sealed access, please check the corresponding box in the dialog window. Afterwards, it is required to select one or several users who can send the approval to the corresponding user asking for access permission. Finally, select Finish, if you have made all necessary adjustments.

NOTE: Only users with admin rights can send approvals for accessing sealed entries and folders.

The user who has been authorized to access a sealed entry or folder can login on the Enterprise Server afterwards. In the Database Manager the user will then see the database containing the entry or folder he has (temporarily) been granted access to. Please note that the user will only see those objects within the database he has actually been granted access to; other entries/folders and data in general will not be displayed.

By double clicking on the corresponding entry, the user can ask for approval. It is required to enter a reason for the access. Finally, click on Request approval

An authorized person with admin rights now has to grant the approval. This is made in the Server Manager. For more information about this topic, please refer to the Enterprise Server documentation.

If the approval has been granted, the user can double click on the corresponding element again. Password Depot will then ask the user if they are sure they want to break the seal and access the entry. Select Break seal to break the seal and access the entry. Depending on the user's access level they will be able to open, edit use the corresponding element etc.

NOTE: Seal status can be changed by an authorized person in the Server Manager at any time, if required. Thus, an already broken seal can be revoked and sealed access can be set again. In this case, a new approval will be necessary for the user if they want to access the element again. The process will start all over again as described above.

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