Search Entries

The Search function (Ctrl+F, on the bar to the right of the toolbar and above the password area, always visible in the main window) allows you to search for password entries within the currently opened database. Alternatively, click on Search -> Search.

To search for a specific entry, enter a search term into the search field. Password Depot will search for the information while entering it and display all search results subsequently.







social NOT security

Finds items that contain social, but not security.

social security

Finds items that contain social and security.


social OR security

Finds items that contain social or security.

Quotation marks

"social security"

Finds items that contain the exact phrase social security.


Finds items with a modification date after 11.05.2020.
Finds items with attachments size greater than 500 bytes.

edate:< 11.05.2020

Finds items with an expiration date before 11.05.2020.
Finds items with attachments size less than 500 bytes.



Finds items with a date beginning on 11.05.04 and ending on 11.10.04.


NOTE: If you do not have any information regarding a certain search criterion, simply leave this field empty. The empty field will not be taken into account by the search algorithm.