Customize Icons

In the dialog box Select Icon, you may associate a certain password entry or an entire folder with a specific symbol.

To open this dialog, call up the properties of the entry (via Properties, Modify Entry) or folder (e.g. via right-click) in question. In the respective dialog windows, you then click on Change Icon.

To assign an icon, you may either select a predefined icon (Standard tab) or one of you own icons (Custom tab).  

NOTE: If you have opened a database from the Enterprise Server, you can choose new icons for the passwords, but it is not possible to delete and sort the custom icons. To delete custom icons, open the file locally (via the DatabaseDatabase ManagerLocal System tab), make your changes and then ask the administrator to upload the changed file via the Control Panel.


On this tab, you can choose from several predetermined icons. To do so, select the desired icon and then click on OK.


The Custom tab allows you to manage the collection of your icons via the following commands:

  • Import: Opens a dialog box where you may select an external graphic file to load. You can either select a file from the local system, from a URL or from the cache. This is also possible with the right arrow button.
  • Export: Opens a dialog box where you can export a file from your PC. You can choose between Export all and Export selected with the right arrow button.
  • Delete: Deletes a selected icon from the list.
  • Clear: Deletes all icons from the list.

In the drop-down list View Size, you can decide about the size of the custom icons: whether they should be displayed in Large or Small size.