Top Bar

This button minimizes Password Depot to a small bar positioned above the other programs on your computer. This ensures constant access to the passwords saved in Password Depot. It can be moved by pressing the left mouse button and dragging it around.

The top bar is a useful and unique feature of Password Depot. You can change into this mode either via the button in the toolbar or via Ctrl + T.

The top bar allows for the selection of a specific password:

  • Select a group in the field Folders. Afterwards, all passwords in this group will be displayed in the field Entry.
  • Select a password in the field Entry.

To the right of the Entry field, you can search for entries.

In the right half of the top bar, you can see a number of symbols, with which you can carry out various program functions. To customize these symbols, right-click the top bar and click Customize. The following symbols can be displayed in the top bar: