User interface

The user interface is divided into five areas: The password area, the navigation area, the status bar, the toolbar and the details. Except for the password area and the toolbar, these areas can be shown or hidden via the menu View

Password area

The password area is the main area of Password Depot. Therefore, it is in the middle of the screen and cannot be hidden.

This area allows for access to your passwords. It displays the description of your passwords as well as, if desired, further information. In Edit → Options → Layout, you can customize your view. In order to change the view of the password list, click on the tab Display

You can move entries into another group with drag & drop from the password area. To do so, the navigation area needs to be opened.

Navigation area

This area offers a tree structure of the folders in the open database, similar to the one found in the Windows Explorer. Additionally, you can access your favorites and the recycle bin here as well.


Here, you can view a list of all entry types. By double-clicking a type, you can see a list of all entries of that type in the current database.


Here, you can view a list of all categories, both built-in and custom ones. Just as you can with entry types, you can double-click a category to see a list of all entries of that category in the current database.

Status bar

On the bottom border, you can find a blue bar with information on your version, license status/remaining days in trial mode, number of objects, local system or network, and statistics.


The toolbar is above the navigation and password areas. It allows for quick access to important functions of Password Depot. On the right, you can see a field for a file path and the search function.


This area is on the right of the window. Here, you can see detailed information on selected keywords. Additionally, the following actions are available: 

  • Auto-Complete (F6)
  • Copy user name (F3)
  • Copy password (F2)
  • Custom fields/Global custom fields
  • Copy URL (F4)
  • Open URL in browser (F5)

Sort by

Choose here how to sort your entries. If you have selected the option Custom View, you can sort your entries by drag & drop. Furthermore, you can display your entries in descending or ascending order.

Group by

Choose here if you would like to group your entries. They can be grouped either by type or by category.


Here, you can choose whether to use Password Depot in Expert, Beginner or Custom Mode.