General Description

Password Depot's user interface is designed logically for intuitive usage.

The buttons located in the toolbar offer access to the most important and most frequently used functions. Furthermore, there is an extensive menu with the following tabs:

  • Database: Here you will find basic functions for databases and the main program.

  • Edit: Offers functions for creating new or managing/editing your existing selected entries/passwords (e.g. add, modify, and delete passwords). You can also access the program Options.

  • Search: Here, you find search and replacement functions.

  • View: Here, you can modify the design of the program. On the one hand, you select the sort order and the view for your passwords; on the other hand, you can select the areas of the main view. The main view consists of a maximum of five simultaneous windows: passwords, navigation area (with or without databases on a potential server), statusbar, toolbar, and favorites (or details). The window for passwords and the toolbar are always displayed; the three others can be shown or hidden, as you wish. All of these windows will be explained further below.

  • Folder: all commands for working with folders.

  • Entry: all commands that pertain to the currently selected password, e.g. copy to clipboard for user name and password, and various other actions, such as Open URL, Auto-completion etc..

  • Tools: Contains additional functions, such as Synchronize Databases and USB Installation.

  • Help: functions such as the Online support, Unlock for Password Depot, and Search for Updates.

NOTE: In Password Depot, there are many key shortcuts available, helping you to access frequently used functions quickly.